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All over the internet people are raving about Kule Blaster, and here's what makes it stand out above other sites...

Kule Blaster helps your ads get noticed - At the top of this page you will see our stunning Carousel Feature Ads. They are different. They are powerful. They are snapshots of your website and they compel people to look at them.
Kule Blaster helps you pocket more money - You can pocket up to 50% of the sales you make as an affiliate or business owner. This is huge and there is no waiting 30 or 60 days to get paid either. We pay you weekly by PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, or check for your efforts. The higher your membership level, the more you get paid.
Kule Blaster helps you save time - The system is fully automated. You will be able to set up your ads in seconds and we'll show them to a highly targeted audience all day long, every day, without any further action by you.
Kule Blaster forces your ads to climb to the top - Kule Blaster employs our newly developed Crazy Climber Technology. When you view any type of ad you earn Kule Coins. You can use these Kule Coins to propel your FREE ads up the viewing ladder to the sales page and get them seen more often.
Kule Blaster rewards you when you take action. Kule Blaster employs a unique reward system called Kule Coins. You can give Kule Coins away to members you personally sponsor as an incentive to upgrade. You can use them to keep your ads active on the network.
Kule Blaster is Affordable - If you do any kind of paid advertising, or paid media, you know that you pay money for a campaign, and when it ends you need to pay more money to continue. Over the years this can get expensive. At Kule Blaster, when you join at one of our affordable paid membership levels, you pay one time and get advertising forever.
Kule Blaster helps you reach more people - Kule Blaster gives you an Admin Mailer so you can stay in touch with your personally sponsored members. You can also get access to our Exclusive KB Mailer which enables you to reach over 425,000 members. Watch for the membership levels, as you signup, that give you access to this huge online mailer.
Kule Blaster gives you more choice - Kule Blaster gives you 4 Profitable Account Levels... Free, Pro, Executive and Founder. Higher levels give you more website exposure, more earning power, and more freedom to enjoy life with family and friends. The Founder Level offers the best investment. It is just like running your own business online except we do all the work for you and you keep up to 50% of the sales. You will see this special offer as you signup!
Kule Blaster reaches more people - Kule Blaster is mobile friendly and this gives you access to a massive new audience. The mobile advertising market is huge and with Kule Blaster you are set to make a killing.

  • You don't need any experience.
  • You don't need to spend hours setting up ads.
  • Everything is fully automated.
  • You just enter your ads and go do other fun things.

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